AMC among the students in Shkodra: “priests” or “sinners” in relation to ethics?

The Albanian Media Council during its tour through student towns visited the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” of Shkodra where, accompanied by the Professor Vinçens Marku, students of journalism in Shkodra discussed with experts of Ethics and Media, Mr. Alfred Lela, Mr. Sokol Shameti and Ms. Aleksandra Bogdani.
The students were very attentive to fake news and especially to biased reports that favored one party. The question that arose was, why, even well-known journalists fail to be ethical in the online media they run.

During the debate, were discussed issues related to ethics and, whether you should be a “priest” or a “sinner”, in a time when ethical standards are strict and the need to adapt to the market requires to be flexible.
The project, funded by EU funds, is an attempt to introduce students to self-regulation, the Code of Ethics and the standards of an ethical media.