The Journalist Alice Taylor against news portals:,,,,,

Complainer: Alice Taylor


Titles of the articles:

  • ( FOTO / Investigimi/ Gazetarja që flet për Shqipërinë në televizionin rus, gruaja e truprojës së Bashës!
  • ( Faktet/ Gruaja e shoqëruesit të Bashës flet keq për Shqipërinë në mediat ruse dhe shkruan për portalin e këshilltarit të kryedemokratit
  • ( FOTOT/ Mohoi se shkruante në, ja provat se gazetarja pranë PD-së kontribuon për portalin e lidhur me rusët
  • ( Theu rendin dhe sigurinë publike/ Procedohet penaIisht ‘ithtari’ i Bashës, i fejuari i gazetares që nxin Shqipërinë në mediat pranë PD dhe ato ruse
  • ( Mohoi se shkruante në, ja provat se gazetarja pranë PD-së kontribuon për portalin e lidhur me rusët
  • ( LIDHJET/ Gazetarja që nxin Shqipërinë në televizionin rus është gruaja e shoqëruesit të Bashës dhe shkruan… (FOTO)
  • ( Journalist who gave bad commentary on Albania in Russian TV; she writes for democrat’s advisor’s news portal on a regular basis.

Dates of publication:

  • 24/02/2019
  • 25/02/2019 – 13:03
  • 24.02.2019 – 11:30 dhe 25/02/2019 – 12:09
  • 25/02/2019 – 13:45
  • 25/02/2019 – 11:40AM

Links to the articles:

Complaint: defamation and publication of fake news, breach of privacy that could lead to risks about one’s life.


THE BOARD of Ethics found that the publications filed in the fore-mentioned complaint do breach a number of articles of the Albanian Journalist’s Code of Ethics.

Since the publications are based on the same arguments the recommendation of the Board of Ethics is valid for all of them.

Articles of the code that were breached:

1 –Accuracy and Fairness of Information

Information served in the publications is not verified and misleading.

Some of the conclusions are not based on facts:

“russian portal”

“…to the chain of the Russian links of Basha is added also the wife of his bodyguard…”


2 – Distinguishing Fact from Opinion

The accuses against the journalist Taylor are based on opinions disguised as facts, as for example:

“negative writing about Albania”,

“the journalist close to Democratic Party”,

“to do the propaganda of the Democrat Chairman”,

“The journalist that blackens Albania in the russian TV”,

“Tsarizm has published plenty of articles which are aimed at discrediting the Albanian identity. The same thing was also done by Alice Taylor”,


Besides the direct accusations against Taylor, in general the publications filed in the complaint are filled with suppositions and opinions instead of facts.

9 – Breach of privacy

Because of her writings, it has been a breach of her privacy bringing into the conflict a member of her family.

11 – Incitement of Crime and Violence

By treating her as a “traitor” and a person who “discredits the Albanian identity”, as well as accompanying the publications with her (unauthorised) photos, the journalist might become a target of violence.

13 – Reporting of Court Procedures and the Presumption of Innocence

The Presumption of Innocence in regard of the complainer’s fiancé is not respected when treated as person “who broke the order and public security”. No journalist or media should consider anybody guilty until proven by the Court.


We recommend that the portals must take the prublications offline.

Members of the Board present in the meeting of the date 6 march 2019: av. Enio Haxhimihali, Dr. Mark Marku, Agim Baçi, Dr. Denata Toçe.

Mrs. M.Gj. – vrs, 1 march 2019


Title: Photo with comment (below)
Date of publication: 18 january 2019
Link of reference: N/A

Complainer: Mrs. M.Gj.

Description of Complaint:

I was photographed on my work place and the picture ended in the pages of with the comment “[…] at the Trauma Hospital. The Doctor is visiting the patient while talking on the phone… talking and doing injections…”.

The truth is that I was called by the On Service Medic to ask me about the patient. It was not an injection but a thermometer.

Presumed breach: Change of the context of the image to imply abuse of duty while it was a professional communication (as in the photo below).


The Articles of the Code that were Breached:

Article 7. 7. Liability after Publication

Prior to publishing a comment, or a letter to the editor, where there is a suggestion that it contains serious accusations against a third party, the editorial staff, or the editor, shall investigate if there is any basis to these accusations. Also, the accused party must be afforded the opportunity to respond”.

WE RECOMMEND that the lady be given the chance to express herself. The photo must be republished altogether with the reaction of the victim. Her explanation must be published with the same space and time slot as the acusation.

Board Members present in the meeting: av. Dorian Matlija, av. Enio Haxhimihali, Dr. Mark Marku, Agim Baçi.

Complaint: News report in “Fiks Fare”

Article Title: TV Chronicle on “Fiks Fare” show

Video Release Date: September 18th, 2018

Reference link:



Description of the complaint

In the tv story demonstrating the case, the identity of the little girl is not preserved.




After watching the video, we think that there is a violation of Article 14 of the Code of Ethics of the Journalist, concerning the “Protection of Children and Persons with Disabilities”.

We find that the anonymity of the child is not respected in the tv story above, and despite an attempt to cover the eyes, the child is completely identifiable.


We recommend that the video be removed from YouTube, from the Fiks Fare page and from any re-broadcast or complete coverage of the child’s identity.



After contacted by AMC, AMA decided to urge the program to remove the video and ban any form of broadcasting