How to file a Complaint?

Step 1: Contact the news organization respective to the complaint

The complaintant should first contact the media organisation respective to the presumed breach of te Code of Ethics. In media there are responsible editors and journalists who are willing to improve their work and it is possible that they migt consider valid your concern and remediate it.
Therefore AMC takes in consideration only the cases when the media involved has been contacted and has failed to address the issue.

Step 2: Fill the online complaint form

If there is no resolution with the news media organization and you are still concerned, you may consider filing a complaint with the AMC. Please note that we do not accept anonymous complaints, or complaints where legal action is contemplated or in progress. We reserve the right to publish all of our complaint decisions, along with the names of the individuals who file them.

After we recieve a complaint, the Board of Ethics will investigate the complaint and the news media organization’s response.
The Board will review the complaint in its next meeting (and not later than 1 month of it being filed) and may decide to dismiss, uphold, or dismiss with reservations.
After a careful review based on the Albanian Code of Ethics the Board of Ethic will issue a recommendation.
In case the complaint is redeemed valid, the media organisation involved will be notified and the process of mediation will start immediately. In case of media organisations that are members of the Council, the resolving will be quick. In case of media organisations who are not members of the Council, the Council will still mediate, hopoing to get the best the result from the media organisation.
If the mediation does not resolve the complaint, a recommendation based on the Complaining Board’s review will be submitted to Council for consideration in the yearly report of the media behaviour.
Council may also determine to call a hearing into a complaint.

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