Types of Complaints

In accordance with the code of ethics, AMC judges cases of unsatisfied complaints by the public concerning accuracy, fairness and balance in the printed and digital media news report

Concretely, AMC judges complaints that can be classified according to the following categories:  

Breach of privacy

If your personal right to privacy, or the right of any other member of your family or acquaintances has been unjustly infringed.

Inaccuracy – ungrounded or false facts

In the event that inaccurate or misleading facts are published by the media, with or without intent for you, your family or anyone else in relation to a particular matter.

Hate Speech

in the event media uses hate speech or harasses such language to readers, based on attributes such as ethnic origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Child abuse

in the event of revelation by the media of child identity, or any interviews or unauthorized material from parents.

Unnecessary exposure

Uses without need of disturbing images in the media.


If you think news is pure propaganda or secret marketing.

Personal data breaches

Discrimination of vulnerable groups


Everything not included above,, such as distortion of the Albanian language, etc.

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