Code of Ethics

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Highlights from the Code of Ethics

Media should not distort or misuse statements made in a specific context.

Media should publish a clear and appropriately prominent correction when it can be demonstrated that inaccurate or misleading information has been published,

Journalists should carefully observe the Albanian 5 language rules and refrain from using foreign words when possible.

A person being interviewed must have the right to know in which medium and in what connection his statements will be used.

Rumours and reports of anonymous sources should not be published as news,

The journalists will respect the honour and reputation of the individuals

The journalist will respect the right of individuals to privacy,

“Sudden” use of cameras in public or institutions should respect the desire and sensitivity of the present persons.

Any media product that propagates war, violence, outrage or injures the feelings of the whole public or parts of it is absolutely prohibited.

Violence and brutality should not be sensationalized.

Journalists will always respect presumption of innocence and will refrain from describing someone as a criminal prior to conviction.

Journalists shall treat with caution the identification of victims and witnesses of crime,

When reporting on juvenile crime and juvenile court proceedings, the press should exercise restraint …

A journalist protects rights and dignity of children and people with mental or physical handicap.

The journalist will respect, and will make others respect the copyright in any creative area.

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