Board of Ethic

Denada Toçe

Chairwoman of the Board of Ethic, Psychologist , Behavioral Analyst, BCBA

Denada is chairwoman of the Board of Ethic. Her education includes studies in psychology and Master’s Degree as Counseling Psychologists at the University of Tirana.
She received Advanced Certificate in Postgraduate Education for BCBA (Board Certificate Behavior Analyst) at FIT University, USA. She is now completing PhD thesis at University of Tirana.

Denada first worked at the Judicial District Court in Tirana as a psychologist, expert on family and criminal matters for juveniles. She has served as the Project Coordinator for the ADRA Foundation. She has worked as Executive Director, Team Leader and psychologist at the Albanian Children Foundation, “Domenick Scaglione”, “Fly for Life” Center and Regional Autism Center. Denada has worked as Executive and Clinical Director at the Aba Methods National Agency, AMNA.

She received training and specialization in Legal Psychology, Individual and Family Counseling Psychology, Art Therapy, Intelligence Testing, Secrecy and Continuous Supervision on ABA methods and so on. She is an associated Board Member to “Democracy Netman Family.” She is also a member of the board at “Psychology” magazine and Consultant and Editor on Educational and Social Issues at the ALBAS Publishing House.

Prof. Assoc. Mark Marku

Member of Board of Ethic, Well known Publicist and University Professor

Mark is in charge at the Department of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of History and Philology, UT. He is the author of a large number of articles. Mark Marku was a deputy of the Albanian Parliament.

Agim Baçi

Member of the Board of Ethic, Critic, essayist and journalist, author of several essay books.

Agim Baci completed his studies at the Faculty of History-Philology, Language and Literature, in Tirana. In 2008 he graduated from the Faculty of History-Philology, Tirana. In 2011 he started his doctorate at QSA, Tirana. In 1993 he published the first poem “Ag”. In 2003 he published the novel “Necessary Errors,” Onufri. In 2013, published the study “Why did Doruntina bring it?”, Onufri. In 2008, on the International Day of the Book, honored by the Spanish Embassy “Don Quixote in Literature”, for the best essay, “Tobozan Letter of Paper” Since 1992, publishes in the Albanian press. Currently he is editorialist in the newspaper “Panorama”. Since 2010 she is a lecturer in the subject “Reading Psychology” at the Public University.

Av. Dorian Mantlija

Member of Board of Ethic, Executive Director - Respublika Center
Av. Dorian Matlija graduated with title Lawyer in 1999, at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. He is currently the Executive Director of the Res Publica center where he has previously been deputy. Director. Dorian has previously served as a lawyer at the law studio “Matlija” while at the beginning of his career he has been a legal expert and Director of the Legal Department of Albanian Radio and Television (2002-2005).

Enio Haxhimihali

Member of the Board of Ethic, Legal Expert, Cabinet Director, People's Advocate

Enio Haxhimihali is currently in charge as Head of Cabinet People’s Advocate Institution. His education includes law studies and a Master’s degree Environmental Law, from the Pantheon Sorbonne University in France.

Enio served as chairman of Albanian Lawyers for Environmental Protection. Since 1993 he has worked with environmental civil society, establishing the first Albanian Youth Protection NGO in 1993.
Enio has worked as a legal environmental consultant on several projects supported by international organizations (eg WB, UNDP, REC, MKOE) and private companies in Albania.

He has also served in various senior positions within the public administration (as a legal expert at the Ministry of Justice, legal advisor to various ministers, and served as Chief of Cabinet of the Minister).

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