Digital transformation in a changing media landscape

On October 30, Swedish Radio Media Development Office held a seminar, based on SVT’s experience of covering the terrorist attack in Paris in 2015, which revealed serious shortcomings in the organization for both the offer in broadcast and especially online. SVT is now one of the leading news providers on the internet in Sweden. The digital transformation has made SVT a better and faster news provider on all available platforms.

The seminar was organized in cooperation with Albanian Media Council and the Albanian Public Provider (RTSh), and was attended by journalists of the media members of the Alliance for Ethical Media, of RTSh and students of the Faculty of Journalism in the Tirana University.

To accelerate the digital transformation of Albanian media the Swedish Radio Media Development Office is also performing a case study in order to support the digital transformation within the media landscape in Albania.

Among the topics discussed were:

The world are changing – and so the media landscape. How SVT News moved from broadcast to app, and thte 8 success factors for a digital transformation.