Reaction to police violence against Ora News journalist Xhoi Malësia

AMC condemns another act of violence against journalists, that against the journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Koha Jonë, Qamil Xhani.
The aggression against Xhani was done while he was doing his job as a journalist very close to his editorial office.

The arrest, handcuffing and ill-treatment of Xhani is a bad omen for the freedom of the media and a disturbing signal that the police no longer respect any democratic standard, where the basic one is to allow free reporting from the field and not to harass journalists at the top. of duty.

Journalist Xhani in a statement on FB, published by the newspaper Koha Jonë, states among others:
I, who was handcuffed in front of the newsroom when I was photographing the violent arrest of two juveniles, was signing letters for “Participation in an illegal gathering!”. I was not in protest nor part of any group of protesters. “I was 5 meters away from the entrance of the newspaper’s editorial office and came out after the sound of police sirens and screams coming from the yard.”

AMC once again asks the Director of the State Police, Mr. Ardi Veliu and senior police leaders to educate police forces to respect the freedom of expression that begins with the journalist’s freedom to report.

AMC once again asks the Director of the State Police, Mr. Ardi Veliu, to apologize for the repeated cases of rape of journalists while on duty in reporting on the riots of recent days, instigated by the murder of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha.