Cukal’s reaction on “Për të fol” and “Ilva Now” shows on anti-defamation package

The Chairman of the Media Council, Koloreto Cukali has been invited to a live broadcast on the show Për të fol by journalist Omer Saraçi where he has spoken out against the anti-defamation package.

“The government demands control over the media, especially when the upcoming elections are expected, after several months. It is very necessary to control the narrative of what is said. If this law is passed violently now, it will be a tool of self-censorship because no one will be able to write for fear of receiving 2-3 fines which will take him out of business. “It is a totally regressive law and at the wrong time,” said Cukali.

He added that to his knowledge it is a draft which is kept secret and is in consultation with the Council of Europe and also specified that the OSCE is not involved in the review of this draft. Cukali also said that this law deprives the Court of its right.

“The purpose of the first law, what we have seen and not the draft that we do not know what it is, was this, that AMA makes an enforceable decision immediately and you go to court after two years, but in the meantime you have been penalized and the fine is “harvested within three days of execution,” he said.

Asked if there could be another out-of-court institution that could rectify the situation, Koloreto Cukali said that self-regulation is the best way to resolve it and that members of the Alliance for Ethical Media Alliance through the Council are working to build a self-regulation mechanism. , which requires its own time.

“Europe has given it a solution, the best way is self-regulation. An institution, a grievance council but not set up by the government or government institutions. An institution set up by the journalists themselves who undertakes to resolve all grievances that citizens have with the relevant media. Will this work best? Will it solve all the problems? Of course not. In Germany there are media councils which have set up these mechanisms, but when the parties do not find a solution in These self-regulatory mechanisms have the final say only in the court, which is an intermediary institution for resolving problems amicably, but if the parties are not convinced of the decisions of these institutions, they always go to court and have all the necessary instruments to find a solution We are working to build such a mechanism. It takes some time. The pandemic did not help us because our whole life stopped but we will take the process for granted  on September and early October and we will build these mechanisms even if the government insists on passing the law by force in parliament. “These will be lifelong mechanisms, that law is not lifelong,” said the chairman of the Media Council.

Koloreto has taken the same stance about the anti-defamation pact on the show “Ilva Now” under the direction of journalist Ilva Tare where he was invited in direct contact during the discussion with other media experts.