Successfully ended the 6th group of young journalists

The 6th group of young journalists, who were trained while working on ethical issues, completed the training. This project envisages to train 72 young journalists currently working in the online media within two years, to be trained in their daily work in order to improve the ethical standards in the media where they work. Three reporters from the sixth group work for, and

Training with the sixth group of journalists

During the discussion, importance was given to the reported news of the spread of coronavirus in Albania. Journalists in this case find it difficult to obtain accurate information on the number of those affected.

Longtime journalist Alfred Lela and ethics expert Mark Marku

In almost all groups the start of training starts with a number of violations of about 15-20 violations per week while at the end of training the number of violations goes down to almost zero. The training lasted 4 weeks and the work of the journalists was evaluated by longtime media journalist Alfred Lela and ethics expert Mark Marku giving their views. The purpose of the training in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy is to stimulate debate on media ethics with the working group of journalists.