Coming soon: An open database on breaches of Ethics!, one of the most successful technology startups in Albania, has undertaken to rebuild its Ethics Violations Monitoring Database.

AMC has been monitoring the Code of Ethics violations for two years in a number of online media: new media and the digital branches of newspapers and television. This database is a great source of information to understand what happens to ethical violations in the media. Now, thanks to a project supported by EU, this database will be re-established to create open access for the public.

C68 system administrator Boris Budini explaining to monitoring staff the procedure they should follow on this new practice.

As part of this initiative, the Monitoring Staff of the Albanian Media Council was trained this Tuesday, for the fourth consecutive week, by Technical Supporters of This training focused on further improving the database by making it more efficient.

The re-constructed database will present at the end of the project the data monitored so far on the AMC website, where all citizens can have free access.

Currently the monitoring staff monitors 30 websites, the highest ranking  news portals according to ALEXA. The number of violations for these 30 portals for January 2020 is on average 15 violations per day!