In the newsroom of NEWS24 TV Channel: Ethics on revealing a child’s identity

  AMC paid a visit today to the Channel News24’s newsroom, one of the oldest information television stations in the country, as part of a toru through Albanian media newsrooms. This visit was the first in a television newsroom, and moreover, a newsroom that “feeds” with news many portals and newspapers.The conversation included recent events related to ethics in the country, the situation of journalists, the responsibility for unethical journalism of the media owners.The conversation tackled the ethical question of whether the child’s identity should be protected in the news if his/her life depended on this news. In the News 24 newsroom there were cases where the child’s parents sought the public’s help to crowdfund the medication of sick children, but in order to build credibility on these cases and to encite the empathy and citizen engagement, newsroom journalists were forced to reveal the image of the child. Mark Mark, an ethics expert, argued that the child’s life is the most important, and ethical violations (such as not revealing the child’s identity) can be circumvented in order to protect life. Journalist Klodiana Lala noted the declining quality of newsrooms, which employ unprepared and unread journalists. In relation to the “ready-made tapes” produced by the City Hall, the Government and political parties, and broadcasted by television without being verified as news, the journalists stated that this is a problem caused by the owners and that the journalists are threatened with “job lose” . Regardless, the AMC said that the professional conduct asks of a journalist to resist if owners and editors try to distort reporting, force them to produce unethical reporting, or pressure them to take away their independence.NEWS 24 journalists were very interested in joining the fight against media law, a law aimed at controlling the media from the Government through the AMA, using fines and sanctions on ethical issues.Visits to newsrooms, supported by OSFA’s media project, will continue in the coming weeks in other Albanian media outlets.