AMA punishes the humour program “Be Coffee”

The Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), in its meeting of 16.05.2019, has considered the feedback on the attitudes held in the “Be Coffee” section of the “Albanian Sunday” (“E djela shqiptare) broadcast on the national television “Klan” date 03.02.2019, on the figure of the martyr Mujo Ulqinaku.

Having heard the report of the Appeals Council on the handling of this issue, he noted that:

The act of resistance and contribution with the most sublime sacrifice by the martyr Mujo Ulqinaku in tragic moments for the country, has obviously received inadequate and unethical ratings by the authors and actors of humorous material. Mention by his name and surname in an artistic creation and characterization of ridiculous and cynical grades goes in favor of denigration for those who specifically contributed to the defense of the homeland.

We appreciate the inclusion of humorous and satirical content for the entertainment and entertainment of followers of audiovisual broadcasts, but we also seek the understanding of creators and actors not to overcome ethical norms that cause negative reactions to the public, especially in historical figures and national.

Therefore, AMA draws attention to “Klan” television as well as other “OSHMA”-s to take into consideration the avoidance of creating inappropriate situations that weaken and underestimate the role, contribution, and reverence of the nation’s historical figures.