Mrs. M.Gj. – vrs, 1 march 2019


Title: Photo with comment (below)
Date of publication: 18 january 2019
Link of reference: N/A

Complainer: Mrs. M.Gj.

Description of Complaint:

I was photographed on my work place and the picture ended in the pages of with the comment “[…] at the Trauma Hospital. The Doctor is visiting the patient while talking on the phone… talking and doing injections…”.

The truth is that I was called by the On Service Medic to ask me about the patient. It was not an injection but a thermometer.

Presumed breach: Change of the context of the image to imply abuse of duty while it was a professional communication (as in the photo below).


The Articles of the Code that were Breached:

Article 7. 7. Liability after Publication

Prior to publishing a comment, or a letter to the editor, where there is a suggestion that it contains serious accusations against a third party, the editorial staff, or the editor, shall investigate if there is any basis to these accusations. Also, the accused party must be afforded the opportunity to respond”.

WE RECOMMEND that the lady be given the chance to express herself. The photo must be republished altogether with the reaction of the victim. Her explanation must be published with the same space and time slot as the acusation.

Board Members present in the meeting: av. Dorian Matlija, av. Enio Haxhimihali, Dr. Mark Marku, Agim Baçi.