Two-day workshop “Privacy and Media Coverage”

On 7 and 8 November, the Albanian Media Council organized a two-day workshop in Vlora,  on “Privacy and media coverage, new challenges related to the implementation of the code of ethics for young journalists”.

Young journalists working in the Albanian media and students attended the meeting.

The workshop was intended to inform young journalists about their rights and obligations to the profession deriving from the Code of Ethics and the Albanian legal framework on privacy and data protection. They were acquainted, among other things, with the recently revised Code of Ethics of Journalist and the self-regulatory role of the Albanian Media Council.

Local experts M.Mark Marku, Mr.Sokol Shameti, Mr.Besar Likmeta, Mr.Redon Skiluli and Mr.Blendi Salaj presented various notions related to the practical application of the profession, such as ethical journalism, fake news, data protection in the age of massive survelliance and investigative journalism.